Cable and Furters
Cable and Furters

famous kids meal served at Arthur's Swine and Dine for almost as long as the company exists. Because Arthur's can be found almost everywhere and for a very long time, Cable 'n Furters has become a cultural icon with many meanings. Calling someone a Cabe-furter means calling someone inmature or juvenile. Usually an adult person long past the actual juvenile state.

You are such a Cable-Furter = You are such an inmature person. Or you acting very inmature.

If someone says. "You dress just like a Cable Furter could mean: You are dressing very childish. 

This event, show, act or piece is very Cable-Furter, could either mean it is very common and bland or not on an adult or intellectual level.

Of course there are Cable 'n Furter eating contests, Cooking competitions, Millions of different recipes and ways to prepare them. There are versions for non human consumers. There is a planet called Cable 'n Frank,  a famous play, an equally famous Virtu Show and Ready to Eat versions in Supermarkets and even a Combat meal for Marines.

What it isEdit

Pieces of Frankfurter sausages pierced / laced with sphagetti pasta, cooked with a tomato and cheese sauce. (Many variations exist) 

The original is served as a kid sized portion in a red pig shaped bowl and a soft drink. The price has never changed and remains at 2 Credits.  

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