A forner state of the Country United States -Pre Astro Terra. California still exists but is now considered part of the North American Region. A huge earth quake  just before the ascent caused much destruction and deaths. California's biggest city now is San Fransciso where the Anapolis II tower of the Union Fleet Command is located.

Los Angeles and San Diego have been restored to Pre Astro conditions and are sleepy museum cities with some toruism and cottage industries. Much has been done to restore the ecology and forests. Still there is some agriculture, especially wine around San Francisco . Cal State and Berkley are still renowned institutions of learning and science. JPL left to set up shop at the Ross Thorus.

The United Stars Marine Corps continues to maintain a small base in San Diego.

The region (Which includes large areas of former Mexico ) is a pristine and beautiful vacation spot.

The former super secret Weapon development site underneath Mount Shasta is still the core center of Terran Weapon Development, but much of the actual testing and prototyping is now done on the Moon.

Many Californians left during the Second Exodus and colonized New California, Baha Planet and Para-Para

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