Leaders of Dai Tribes

Leaders of tribes receive the leader syllable and glyph giving them unchallenged power over all who are in the same tribe. There are seven such syllables. 
he first is Nun and bestowed by the Pale Ones upon a Dai who gathered enough resources, riches, and families; who demonstrated leadership and has the blessing of at least three tribe leaders. Upon receiving the Nun syllable, a new clan is born and a mother is gifted. On the other end is the Tar . A leader of the largest clan, honored by thousands of other clan leaders and with a long history of wise leadership decisions will receive the Tar syllable and glyph.

The rank of Cam is the second highest and there is one step towards Tar

A Cam must have control over a tribe with at least 3 million members and the unwavering alliance of at least 500 tribes.
He must have been a Gus for at least two Thana Shoo meetings and have the resources to sustain all his clans.
Once all these conditions are met, the Pale Ones will raise a Cam to the level of Tar. 
A Cam might have more than 5 million members without being a Tar. The Cam must make this request at the Thana Shoo meeting and , meet all conditions.
A Cam will receive a new mother for every million Dai(Only the core mother will carry the Tribes full heart ) The Cam must pay for the Mothers he receives.

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