Canyon of Tears

- Alvor's Cove -

one of the natural canyons of the ancient river delta that is now part of Alvor's Canyon.

The sides of the rock walls are dotted with alcoves. The Alcoves have metal bars and are accessible via scaffolds and are used to house the many thousand slaves that go through the slave market of Alvor's Cove.

The Canyon of Tears slave housing facility is operated commonly by all Slave dealers and under the authority of the Local Lord.

The Slave Dealers rent these Alcoves and pay for the guards, the water, food and straw supplies.

It is called Canyon of Tears because one can sometimes hear the crying and wailing of slaves who bemoan their fate.

The Canyon is about 1400 meter long and the rock walls are up to 350 meter tall. The widest spot is about 80 meter across and the narrowest is only 22 meters across.

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