The designation Captain's Yacht is given to one of the auxiliary ships located on board an Union Navy Starship.

Normally, this ship is better equipped for diplomatic functions than the other auxiliaries, although it includes the regular weapon load for that class of ship.

Historically, most Captain's Yachts on Capital Ships have been refitted Destroyers, but the Lyrec Class Battleships have used cruiser sized ships as Captain's yachts.

The largest ship that has been designated a Captain's Yacht was the USS Eradicator a Lyrec Class Battleship, on a total of five occasions while that ship was an auxiliary for the USS Dominator[1]. Most ships smaller than a Capital Ship have a shuttle designated as a Captain's Yacht. The smallest Captain's Yachts have been Wolfcraft Fighters which received that designation temporarily.


  1. The normal Captain's Yacht for the USS Dominator is a cruiser sized ship