The actual dish called Carefully aged raw Dino Livers is considered a delicacy among about fifty societies within the Union, outside those societies, it's rare to find someone who enjoys them.

More often, the mention of that dish as part of the menu for a meal is used as a prank or as traditional hazing performed on candidates who wish to enter certain groups.

The original Aged Dino Liver Dish was introduced to the Union and during the species introduction at the Assembly by the Maggi Saurons. It comes from a local non sentient lizard species that shares similar characteristics with true Dinosaurs. The fresh livers fried or cooked are actually quite popular with many Union societies. The traditional aging with a local bacteria that leaves a whitish residue, served raw on a bed of steamed Nalug maggots is a national dish and served to guests of honor in Maggi Sauron household. While over 70% of Union Carbon based life forms can eat the dish without serious harm. It is a stomach turner to most.

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