Cave of Forgotten Clans

Cultural site and Tradition of Nilfeheim. The Cave is an artificialy expanded cave in the side of Mount Asgard  on Bifrost Island.  By Tradition a Clan and name can only continue through an unbroken line of Sons. If the Line is broken because no Son is born or the last male name bearer dies before he could  take steps to continue the line (siring a son) A Banner and the Clan Chief Necklace are placed into an alcove that has been chisseled into the cave wall and then the alcove is bricked shut. The Alcove is marked with a name tag. In the rare case when a Clan is revived, the Alcove is opened. A Clan can be revived if a Clan Chief has two sons and allows his second Born to become Clan chief of a lost Clan. In such cases kinship and "bloodline" can come via the mothers side.

The Clan Chief Necklace and he Flag/Banner is placed exactly 3 days after the Funeral into the Cave. After that the Clan "Ceases to Exist" and the Seat in the Round house is removed.

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