Celestial council

Celestial Council

Body of the Wurgus government - 

Every Wurgus tribe is represented in the Celestial Council by either a "Foremost Male " or the patriarch of the tribe.

The Celestial Council elect the Great Patriarch , also known as the All Patriarch every 20 years.

Known to only a few outsiders, the Wurgus have like many other influential space faring societies of the M-0 galaxy , a so called Guardian .

The Wurgus Guardian is an immortal and chosen by the Voice of the Rule . This Guardian is female and officially holds no rank or any office within the Wurgus tribes, but her council is seen as unquestionable and are followed as law. 

She was very influential  in the Wurgus decission to join the Union and she supported the (then) All Patriarch decission to elevate a non Wurgus into the position of a Wurgus Patriarch. (Roy Masters became Masterun the first and so far only non human to receive this honor)

Wurun, the Wurgus guardian is now the Wurgus representative at the Assembly .