Ceops - TL 6 Battleship

Ceops Battleship

The Ceops Battleship of the Saran Empire (Pre Union TL 6) was the core capital ship class of the Saran fleet for over 6000 years.  It changed very little over the centuries. 

The first Ceops Battleship (3780 BC) was 150 meters tall , while the last ones built (around 2220 OTT) was 1100 meters tall. The first Ceops were TL 3-4  the last one was TL 6+

Sarans did not seperate their ships in Classes and did not change the designations for a design. Ships were not named, but were identfied by a unit number and their fleet commander.

The Saran equivalent of a "Union Numbered Fleet " was a Block - each Block consisted of 100 + 1 Battleships . The 101st ship was the Block Commanders ship and named after him or her.

For example Amun Rahate. All ships under him were designated Amun Rahate 001 - 100

Interesting fact: The United Earth Fleet received 10 Ceops Battleships in 2180 . (Then young and virtually unknown Stahl called them Useless underpowered scrap) United Earth fleet was thankful of course and pretty much stripped the ships inside and refurbished them from the ground up)

Combat Threat Assessment (before Terran Upgrade) 045/1000. Combat Threat Assessment 112/1000