Cerorix of the house Kethmmar

About 9000 years ago, while the new queen Nefrota, the Chosen ascents the Falcon Throne by the last will of King Kosul, the XX
The other noble houses of Saran society cry foul and there are open spread rumors that King Kosul was assassinated, and that his will was a forgery. A will that ordered the execution of both his sons.
Some claim that it was his wife, who pulled the strings.
The house of Kethmmar wants the young Cerorix to be the queen.
How Cerorix found the cache of technology is unknown, but priests and religious myths claim she was guided by Isis.
Cerorix is rumored to have found the secret sect of Seth's Shadow.
The High priestess of that time requests that the Queen wears the Golden Mask. Nefrota is killed by the mask, but accepts Cerorix, who becomes Queen only 120 days after Nefrota had been declared the first queen.

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