Champ Bowl Finals

alternative name for the Vacu Ball Champion match.

Arguably the most popular and most watched sporting event. Vacu Ball being the most popular team sport.

Over 20,000 professional teams of Vaccu Ball players compete for four years until the two best teams of Galactic League level meet each other in the Play space.

It is always held on New Years day ( The day the Assembly reconvenes )

It is an unofficial holiday, many businesses are closed for either the entire day, or at least during the match. The Champ Bowl finals are held at any community applying for the honor.

The selected community has 4 years time to get ready. (Space Port expansion if necessary, Hotel and guest accomodations, the sports field itself(often in orbit) The event draws 100 -200 Million life spectators and fans . Seats are limited to 10,000,000 and 4,000,000 are sold on a lottery basis for a nominal 1 Euro per CITI .

The rest are sold for astronomical sums and are usually part of corporation sweepstakes, or contests.

SII is known to reward 2,000,000 seats to employees every time.

Armed Forces Members, active in any service branch are allowed to enter the seat lottery 5 times per MITI .

Civilians who won a seat can and often do sell their seat. Military Active service personnel is prohibited to sell their seats won (But can donate them to a officially accepted cause)

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