Channel box
Channel Box

(Channel a Subsidary of Chanel -Earth, spelled with two N)[1] Channel Cosmetics of Channel Planet is the Galaxies largest Cosmetics and make up brand and most of it is developed, designed and made on that planet. Among the most successufl items (for humanoids) are the semi orfull robotic make up application boxes. they come from very simple one design to complex multi shade , multi face units. Almost every humanoid female (regardless if Saran, Pan Saran, Saresii, New Vrill or any of the many Colony and Gene created species carry a Channel Box in their purses. Of course there are other brands and there are even super Lux models made by the Corporate HQ , still at Paris Earth and branded with the original Chanel name, they are knwn Galaxy wide as Channel Boxes. It should be noted that Channel boxes are one of the very few items that are exported from Union Side to Kermac Planets. The True White Channel Boxes are a long time hit with the Kermac. Channel Boxes can be bought almost everywhere and the Ultra Lux ones can go for as much as 20,000 Credits.

[1] When Chanel Earth was looking for a New Corporate HQ they spend considereable resources and money on a private sponsored Expedition into the former Xunx Expanse known as the Pleiades, to look for a world that could be built up into a new Fashion Center. The Expedition leader actually ound a world than thas been raided by the Xunx during a previous period of activity. A Gardenworld with all the right conditions and completley free of native life. The Expedition leader from an English speaking background registered the planet Channel and not Chanel. Planet registrations once so noted in the catalogs can not be changed [2] [2] A common accepted notion during the time of the First Galactic Council and a practice accepted  and adhered to by all known Galactic Societies. (Only exception if a native population is found that has a different name)