Chicken terran

The Terran chicken is a domesticated omnivore[1] bird species. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, consuming both their meat and their eggs. Chickens were first domesticated in the India region of Earth.

Chicken is the single most produced meat product in the Union. While there are many sources for chicken in the Union, System Gliese 687 is among the oldest so called specialty systems [2].

The system is a busy well developed Union System with 1 Class A Space Port, 2 Class C and 2 Class D ports.

It’s main industry are Chicks and Chicken. Planets Radiant and Root export billions of chicks all across the Union as Livestock core, to farms and ranches. And every business and company in the system has something to do with chicken. From Institutes, Variety DNA banks, specialty breeders, manure and feed brokers and everything in between. 

While printed and Vat grown chicken meat and eggs are readily available. The trend to "natural sourced" foods has never diminished and despite these kill free alternatives  in steady demand.

There are many breeds and and chicken related products traded. Chicken are classified BioHaz Level 0 and can be freely traded. 

There is a dedicated Chicken Zoo on Radiant with every chicken breed imaginable and a Chicken Museum on Root. The Radiant Roosters are a Union Wide known Vaccu Ball Team.

[1] The Wine growers on Blau try to control Thauran Wine Wigglers using special bred Chicken (Worm Birds), along with other methods.

[2] Solar systems where not just a planet but the entire system is focused or dedicated to one product or type of product.

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