250px-Homemade buffalo wings
A Buffalo wing, Buffalo chicken wing, hot wing or wing, in the cuisine of the United Stars, is a chicken wing section (wingette or drumette) that is generally deep-fried, unbreaded and coated in a sauce of vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter in the kitchen.[1] They are served hot, along with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing for dipping.

Buffalo wings were created in Buffalo, New York.(Pre Astro Terra) The residents of Buffalo generally refer to them as "wings" or "chicken wings" rather than "Buffalo wings," but never "hot wings."

The most expensive and exclusive sauces for Chicken Wiings still come from this Region

Chicken or Buffalo Wings remain very popular and are a staple on many menus for LSLD life forms ( 75% of the Union Population as of 5050 is a LSLD Life form)

Many local variations exist.

The Death Maw Restaurant on Tomb World is famous for its garlic based dip.

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