Children of the Deep

mythical species of magma core dwelling beings that invade and infest a planet and eventually lead to the destruction of the planet they infest.  According to galactic legends[1] the Children of the Deep are an Old race of sentient beings that evolved into a planet-eating infestation. The tunnel system of Winston Planet is believed to be made by Children of the Deep. An expedition to Fiery Hot led by Dr. Martha Masters was interrupted after the Explorer Ship was attacked and destroyed by pirates, but there on Planet Fiery Hot a magma dwelling life form was discovered. The planet is far in the Spinward sector (bordering at the Downward Sector ) and in the least explored region of the M-0 Galaxy and the furthest away from Union territory. A second expedition has yet to be made.

notes :

  1. Legends, myths and stories known to more than one space faring society. There seems to be a body of legends that are known to many species and societies and while sometimes told differently, the core of these legends are the same. The union based but declared neutral Galacto Scholastic Institute collects these for over 2000 years now and publish Annuals. There is also a free accessible GalNet based library.
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