Chrysler Hover Operations Platform for Exploration, Research and Science

Flight capable – Multi Use – Vehicle used by the United Stars Science Corps and research groups. Also used by the Expeditionary Marine Corps and civilian Research and Survey Institutes and Companies.

The vehicle is well shielded, armed and designed to even work in conditions like Green Hell.

The Unit is limited space flight capable and has a variety of sensor and instrument modules that can be mission specific tailored .

The Unit has room for up to 4 average sized researchers (depending on mission load out) and can carry up to 10 tons additional equipment.

External load lift capacity via hard points, tractor beams or slings: 40 tons.

Speed : 300 km/ hr

Powered by 2 Asimax Zero Energy Cubes – Vari Matic Pusher engines and Arti Grav Lifters

The Unit is generally unarmed, but there are modules available with gun and weapon pods.