Church ofdarkness

Temple on Perryton

Registered Union Religious Society - #95849-39483

Main Temple: Until 5021 on Sin 4, Now on Perryton

Head of Church : First Son of Darkness (until 5022 - Larthop)

From 5031 - present Lord of Darkness Mitzitrone

The Church of Darkness is one of several sects and religious worshiping Darkness and in particular the mythical Dark Ones. The Church of Darkness is the oldest of these and is ranked the 14,453rd religion in terms of popularity, but it is ranked among the first 100 in terms of affluence and financial power. Lower tier members are recruited from all races and all walks, but priests and officials must be humanoid. Non humanoids are not accepted. Members worship once every seven days on a Friday evening and greet themselves with the Phrase “True Darkness is Peace” and respond “ True Darkness and Peace are the rewards”[1]

[1] The problem the Church of Darkness had, was a problem no other religion had to face before. Their God actually appeared. If that wasn't enough of a Religion Killer, the Dark One was greatly displeased with this particular Religion and while he ignored the other denominations he did take interest in this one and rumors have it, that he personally punished the upper echelon of that Church severely. The appearance of the Dark One is not widely known and a few years after this event, a man named Mitzitrone declared himself the new Son of Darkness and restored the Church. Believing that the being that came was not the true Dark One.

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