Church of Gore

Small Religion / Sect - Head

Religion Seat is at Gore Rock Planet in the Gore System.

Founder : Steven Dunham

The Church of Gore is the "legal" arm of the Defenders of Gore and the Gore Defenders.

While the government of Gore Rock has no laws prohibiting a religious group, there are regular attempts to limit or close that church.

The Church counts about 60-70,000 members Union wide, but has only one Temple (permanent meeting spot) The Church finds its members among students and GalDrifts and is officially financed buy donations, by the sale of Gore II God souvenirs and a GalDrift Magazine

The Religion was founded by 

Steven Dunham a perpetual student of literature and philosophy at the University of Pluribus was also an idealistic but unsuccessful Play Write and author who decided one day to make up a religion and chose Gore II as the central deity. He wrote a lengthy document, he later claimed was the translation of a truly ancient prophecy made available to him during an Astral body journey to the heart of the Universe. Surprisingly this “Prophecy of the Elders of the Universe” became a hit right after he published it on GalNet. A few fellow students and readers took the “Prophecy” as a real mythical document, banded together and founded the Defenders of Gore Society, dedicated to remove everything not native to Gore, if necessary by force.


It is believed the Church is (like its terror arms) a front for Kermac Intelligence services.  

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