During the second Exodus, when every group no matter how small and insignificant, was offered a chance to a new home and a place where they could live according to their ideas and styles.

One of these groups was the Church of Odin. A small group of the CoD went along with the settlers moving to Nilfeheim; the main body of this religious movement went to a Planet called New Sweden, declared fit for colonization by the United Earth Colonist Bureau in 2163.

The Church gained popularity and spread over the centuries to other planets. In 3002 the Church opened its new main temple at Pluribus Unum.

In 4533 the Church reached the 543th place of the 2000 most popular religions of the United Stars of the Galaxy with temples and churches on over 35 planets and two stations. During the same year the head priest, Lars Nilfs was arrested for dealing drugs through his temples.

The popularity of the church dipped to the place and it remains in that spot.

Main Gods: Odin, Thor, Balder, Hel and Loki

Main Scripture: The new revised Edda for the modern Citizen

Feast Day: Thursdays

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