Chute de la Dame Blanche
White Lady Waterfall
Chute de la Dame Blanche
A popular legend claims that the surroundings of the Montmorency Falls , near Quebec City are haunted by a white lady. It is said to be the spirit of a young Canadienne woman whose soon-to-be husband was killed while fighting against the British in the battle of Beauport . The young couple allegedly used to meet near the top of the falls and, accordingly, the grieving woman is said to have chosen the site to end her life by throwing herself in the raging waters while wearing the wedding dress that she had recently ordered to be made. A smaller waterfall in the vicinity now bears the name Chute de la Dame Blanche (White Lady Waterfall) in reference to this legend.

There are many stories of the gorge that tend towards the mystical. If you get a chance to explore for yourself you'll understand why. With a constantly damp atmosphere that sustains luscious plant growth; shiny black rock faces and thunderous water – it can feel like a prehistoric rainforest. Then there are the money logs , pixie doors and weird wooden faces to help with the enchanted feel.

The tale of the ‘Gubbins ’, a band of lawless savages whose lair was said to be Lydford Gorge, has been told since at least the 15th Century . Other figures of legend, such as the white lady that supposedly haunts the waterfall, are much more ephemeral.

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