Cinder sierra
Cinder Sienna

Coreward Sector M-0 Galaxy

Established 4880 OTT

Cinder Sierra, was established as an Union outpost in the Yanro system far beyond Union space to prepare for the

"Back Door War ". A Jelly detention and research center was part of this joint NAVINT /PSI-Corps installation.

After the Back Door War of 4881 the base remained a NAVINT base, The remaining Jelly specimen were removed and transported to the BASEMENT facility

Cinder Sierra was considered strategic valuable for possible future operations against the Kermac and Oghr kingdoms.

Also the discovery of the Belmac who appeared protecting Tomb World made Cinder Sienna a potentially important base.

Cinder Sierra is a Class C Fleet Base but unlike Richter Base was always fully staffed and became the fleet headquarter for the 81st (Small ,one Battle group fleet with 5 Battleships and 50 smaller Units)

The planet is almost constlantly obscured by sand and dust storms. The atmosphere is toxic and not suitable for Carbon based life.

There is no native life and no liquid water.

The 81st is nicknamed the "Dust Bunnies " by others as their ships are constantly coated with the brown dust of that planet.  

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