Political system
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Members of the Circle of Elders

Circle of Elders is the defacto government of Nilfeheim. It consists of two Circles: The Inner Circle and the Outer Circle.

There are 24 seats in the outer and 12 in the Inner Circle.

Only men of high birth, usually former Clan chiefs or brothers to Clan chiefs are eligible. They have to be at least 65 years of age and keep their seat until death or if elevated into the inner circle (or being expelled)

The Assembly of Chiefs nominates a new candidate if a seat in the outer circle is vacant. The Keepers of Hasvik approve or disapprove the nomination. (They always approve).

The Outer Circle nominates one of the 24 if a Seat in the Inner Circle becomes available. The Ancient hermit holds the Sacred Seat.

The Circle of Elders decide what is law by interpreting the Book of Sacred Traditions and they also act as judges in any aspects of daily life.

The Circle supervises the Rite of Ascension and make sure young warriors compete and succeed in the Challenge.

See also The Social Order of Nilfeheim.

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