Circus Ultimo

Largest Open Arena in the Union and found on Planet SPQR of the Pan Saran Empire.

The only place where “Death Fights” are legal within the Union and are strictly controlled. Individuals wanting to become Gladiators must undergo a Psych Evaluation to determine they made the decision on their own and that they understand what is at stake.

Arena Fights and bouts are not always deadly but is fought until the opponents give up or are unable to continue. Death however is not against the rules in the Top fights.

Top fights are usually with hightly trained and experienced Gladiators and strict rules and fair conditions. Modern Arena fighting is a far cry from the ancient Pan Saran Circus games (Directly copied from the Terran Roman Empire.) Circus Ultimo is a copy of the Circus Maximus but larger and built with the tools and knowledge of a Starfaring civilization.

Death Fights are transmitted on Sports Channels and are hugley popular. Direct advertisement is prohibited but sponsoring Fighters is not.

Betting on the outcome of the fights is a billion credit business and official betting is Pan Saran controlled but there are plenty of private legal and illegal betting brokers.

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