Cla yell

aka Throat Ticklers aka Chokns

these parasites are believed to be native to a Nogoll world, but no conclusive scientific evidence has yet to be recorded. These critters are up to 5 cm big and are know to invade the orifices of a NiOx breathing Organism, especially air ways.

There they lodge in with barb like claws and sustain themselves by sucking liquids form the host.

While these are traits of many parasites on many worlds, the Cla-Yell arevery agressive and active. They are also resiliant and can survive many environments, a factor that led to their wide spread distribution across the Galaxy. The main factor however is their abiliy to influence the infected being to spread the Cla-Yell to others. Only the most strong willed victim can resist these promisses of pleasure.

Seen as a Class 4 Harmful life form within the Union

Infected indivduals have only a short time to recieve medical help.

Union Med and Hygiene laws have almost erradicated Cla-Yell infestations, and there are Cla-Yell First Aid kits available.

However there are Cla-Yell dealers and smugglers, selling Cla-Yell grubs and eggs. As the grubs are able to release the same endorphines and  can be removed by gargling strong salt water, something not working with the adult version.

For this reason Cla-Yell ownership, distribution and raising them is strictly regulated.  

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