The Clan Glyph or Tribal Glyph is a symbol representing a Dai Clan.  Normally located on a harness that crisscrosses the Dai's chest, as well as on the ships belonging to that clan.

An expert in interpreting Clan Glyphs can learn the lineage of a clan by examining it's Glyph, with clans that can trace themselves to the end of the Forbidden Past in general having simpler Glyphs, a clan that is an off-shoot of one of those having a simplified version of the original glyph as a component of the new clan's glyph.

As part of the ceremony creating a new Dai clan, the members of the new clan present at Thana Shoo symbolically remove their old clan glyph revealing the clan glyph of the new tribe after their leader is given the title of nun and a Clan Mother.

Union DaiEdit

After 1500 clans joined the Union in 5017[1] some of their members, starting with those joining the
Union dai

Union Dai using the Union Flag as his Clan Glyph.

 United Stars Military, but later others as well, started to adopt the Union Flag as a "Clan Glyph" symbolizing the Union as a whole is their Clan.

That doesn't mean that the clan they and their immediate ancestors belonged to is forgotten, to the contrary, those clans that have joined the Union now have a lot more means to preserve their history than before.


  1. Between 5017 and 5050, another 761 clans joined the Union
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