Blue bird
Clipper Ship

general presumably human terran term describing a civilian space ship that runs the same route between two or more destinations with a focus on speedy transportation.

The term is so common and is used for so long that there are shipping lines offring Clipper ship service and ship building companies offering special clipper ships.

Once there was technically no difference between a line runner ,line cruiser , or cruise ship and a Clipper ship.

Now a Clipper ship is a distinct class and type.

A Clipper ship is defined to be generally smaller than a line cruiser and with less comfort but with great emphasis on speed and range[1].

Since about 3800 there are so called Fast Clipper ships and passenger lines offering fast clipper connections.

Clipper and Fast Clipper ships usually serve planets that are not connected to the Space Train network or the Long Range Trans Matter tunnel network[2].

In general all Class B or larger space ports offer Clipper and Fast Clipper connections to major Union Traffic hubs and destinations.

There are many Clipper Line Operators and companies. Clipper Lines and Fast Clipper Lines are supervised and controlled by a Industry Self Control Association ( Clipper Line Providers Association )

This association bestows a an annual Seal of Qualtity control, measuring reliability, speed of service, passenger satisfaction and other Key performance indicators. While there are non associated Clipper Line providers, they never operate from Union Class B ports.

Clipper ship captains , crews and operators consider themselves an elite among civilian spacers and take great pride in “running” fast. Annual competitions with awards are held to determine who is the fastest service.

This in turn these are show case events for Clipper ship manufacturers.

Currently and for many years in a row Samuel Morgan Lines of Blue Moon is the largest, best and fastest line, holding the Blue Moon – Para Para line record for over 200 years.

The image shows the SML Blue Bird a 600 meter Fast Clipper leaving Para Para


  1. Some Clipper lines that serve fringe areas of the Union may have one or more decks designated as "Space Bus Decks." The tickets for these decks are subsidized and while somewhat more comfortable than Space Buses, they include only the same services expected on a space bus. Some of the more luxurious services can be purchased "A la carte". This is especially the case with new Union Members who are further than 50% of the maximum range of a conventional space bus from their nearest Union neighbor.
  2. Only the Core worlds Luxor, Theben, Alexandria, SPQR, Rome, New Pompeij, Sol Hub, Sares Hub, Pluribus, Blue Moon, Ross 132 and Ulta are currently connected to the LRTM network. The Space Train network is more extensive but still only connects about 5% of Union systems directly. While the Space Bus network reaches 99.98 % of all Union destinations it is neither comfortable nor fast.
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