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Cloud CastleEdit

Floating city of Corri-Gas , Gas planet (Jovian ) located in the Corri-Door system.

Cloud Castle is one of eight floating cities (all with still active MOLGAS refineries). All types of MolGas are produced both in tanker and bulb- quantity.(A large majority (some eighty percent) of production goes to the fleet.)

Cloud Castle was built by TriGas Corp . It belongs to the Floating Cities Association of the Union .

Other major industries supported by the city are algae farming and Mineral extraction along (with several system based business headquarters). DeNoir maintains a Gas Giant Business Development center here.

Dickens's Atmosphere Sports is a small but steadily growing company producing and developing Gas Planet Flight suits .

The best and most exclusive hotel is the Cloud Castle Sheraton .

The Bubble Top Restaurant can be found here.

Cloud Castle is run by a City Manager and has about 60,000 residents.

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