Genetic altered sub species of Homo Saranus
The Sarans attempted to combine the DNA of Sarans and Ice Cats of Talag , a then Slave species of the Saran Empire .
The Experiments and Genetic tailoring attempts occured almost 8000 years ago. However the result was not what the Sarans had in mind. 
The Queen ordered the records to be purged and the result exiled. 
Saran scientists packed an freight ship of their own with the Genetic Experiment 434 A result and put the ship on an automated course to a distant (4500 LY) world. In the oposite direction of the Pan Saran eXPanse.
During that time, the Sarans exiled and destroyed over 200 "genetic experiment results".It is known as the Dark Stain on Sarans shiny armor. Or simply the Dark Stain Era
The sentient beings found themselves on a harsh world that supposedly was life supporting.
The beings of Experiment 434 A plunged into pre industrial stone age conditions, having received no schooling or education .
In 2236 OTT the Saran queen opened all Saran archives to Union Scholars and Data Miners for the first Union Member Society Archive Unification
Despite the original order to destroy and delete records of the Dark Stain period, records were eventually found and in 4939 OTT the Assembly voted on an assessment and recovery expeditions were sent out to find out if any of the exiled groups survived.

Experiment 434A was found. The society calling itself the Colorfuls.
Developed into a feudal society with groups forming around colors. There are seventeen Color houses and each house is ruled by either a Duke or a Dutchess.
Together they form a Council with lots of intrigue and politics.
The Society voted for Union Membership and were consequently accepted after a few years of Adaptive schooling in 4948 OTT

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