Combat Threat Assessment

Union Fleet engineers and military tactical specialists developed a scale to determine the combat power of a spaceship. 

The Combat Threat Assessment is a 1000 point checklist that takes many aspects in account such as hull strength , speed , armament, shields and hundreds of similar points and compare them to a standard Union Battle ship.

For example a Nul Battleship of 5000 (OTT) compared to a Union Battleship (5000 OTT) has a CTA of 780/1000 . Meaning it scored 780 points oot of 1000 comparing both ships.

The CTA of every known spacehip of every known society is published annually by NAVINT - Xeno Tech Department can be accessed by anyone on GalNet.

(The 1000 point system used however is classified)

A CTA of 25,000/1000 is the score of the Devi versus a modern Battle Ship. The Devi versus the Dominator : 500/1000.