Constable Smithers
Constable Smithers
British Citizen - Police Officer
Born: 1982

"Scene; The Other Story "

>>> It was Constable Smithers who was taking our statement. The firemen and the paramedics were still up by the ruins. He closed his notebook."The dead woman is Gladis Brown, a known trouble maker. She is known to us for loitering, property damage, and petty theft. She was also a known user, just like the other three we picked up."
The volunteer fire chief came to our small group."Yeah, she is dead alright. Vodka, being drunk, and nylon so close to the fire is a bad combination. I don't think the others harmed her deliberately. They are all still drunk and stoned. They all swear they have seen the white nun ."
He rubbed his chin."It will add to the legend, she being burned an all." <<<

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