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Branch [[Branch::Army / Marines]]
Grade E-4

Corporal is a the fourth lowest Enlisted Military Rank in both the Union Army and Union Marine Corps. It also is used in both the Federal Police and most of the local police departments.

The rank of corporal nominally corresponds to commanding a section or Squad of soldiers. However, in the United Stars Army, a corporal is usually a fire team leader or second-in-command of a squad of soldiers. In the United Stars Marine Corps, corporal is the Table of Organization rank for a rifle fire team leader, plasma gun team leader, light mortar squad leader, and assault weapon team leader, as well as gunner on most larger crew served weapons (i.e., medium mortars, heavy Plasma Artillery, anti-tank missiles, and howitzers) and armored vehicles (e.g., tanks, light armored vehicles, and armored assault vehicles).

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