In an attempt to revive the First Age of Knowledge , the Saresii have abandoned the Women / female only Rule about 6,000 years ago and instituted a new form of Government that was in from very similar to the Council of the Old and Wise of the First Age of Knowledge. While the old Council had only men and the following age only females this new Council now had men and women (of course all looking like females) The Council of the Old and Wiseis made up of three Saresii of each Sares Main World . Since there are nine Sares Prime Worlds there are 27 Council members. The Council Members have to pass several tests and meet a series of requirements before they are appointed as Old and Wise. (Intellect, Psionic Abilities, Character, Cultured and Education are the main factors) The 27 elect a a Foremost Saran which is in de facto the Societies leader and law maker. This leader is tempered by laws and the other 26 do have veto powers. The current Foremost Saresii is also the Civilizations – Species Representative at Pluribus and speaks for the Saresii at the Assembly. The current Foremost Saresii is Algear Moansti and his friendship with the Narth Representative and Egill Skallagrímsson the Planetary Representative of Nilfeheim made the Assembly call those three the “Three Wise Men of the Assembly

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