Trolom creme soup

aka Creme of Trolom soup

With the great popularity of the ThreeOzian Troloms, a fungo-annelid life form as a culinary delicacy, enjoyed by many LSLD food consumers (including Humans) many new recipes have been introduced. One of them is the famous creme of Trolom soup, invented by the Head Chef of Silver Lines , Lucious Bendorf in 4790 .

For the longest time this soup could only be experienced aboard a Silver Line Cruise ship , but since 4880 it is available as ready to eat soup packs in all Wuerg & Kotz Delicatessen shops and can be ordered via GalNet as well.

It is an expensive delicacy and a one person portion (450 ml) retails for around 100 credits.

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