Techno kribble

Of the many groups and societies that formed after the Loyal Imperials and the Dark Imperials faded, there were only a few that survived more than a few generations. 
Further splintering, wars, conflicts, and time deleted what once was a gigantic realm.
The technology that was discovered and invented was also lost faster than it was developed.
Groups and individuals claimed ownership of things and tech they no longer understood.
One group of Techno Mages that once been part of the Dark Imperials, isolated themselves from all other groups by relocating to a different location without telling anyone about it.
In their own isolation, they were seeking ways to keep tech knowledge.
They experimented with genetic and biological solutions. 
Creating neural uploads and cell-based data media.
In their obsessed way, they messed up the genetic code, and without contact, to anyone, they were unable to repair the damage done.
They became a race of intelligent but physically weak cripples, unable to walk or perform simple labor tasks.
They relied on machines to do their tasks.
The Cripple Techs emerged from isolation and in return for techno advice they received services. It is believed that one Cripple Tech is responsible for the Necro King and also built the Resurrector .

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