The credit unit / money of the Togar .  (aka Togr Empire)
The Crwals is a stable currency, there are many places in Freespace that take them. 
Union Banks  do not accept Crwals. But there are Money exchange businesses that do. Noteable the ENROE TOGAR EXCHANGE , where Togar products can also be purchased. 
As of 5020 Xandrao Banks (Union verified) also take Crwals in exchange for Union Credits .
Similar to the Kathranian currency, Crwals come in form of synthetic crystal pieces that carry the value  in form of a crystaline molecule map. Within the Togar empire direct transfer is of course also possible (in form of Checks)
Due to the lack of instantaneous communication, Togar transactions between planets and systems may take many days, thus the use of physical money (coin bars) is still the preferred currency transfer.

Exchange Rate 5020 OTTEdit

2.68 Crwals = 1 Credit

Freespace - Open SpaceEdit

1 Crwals = 1.34 Katris
100 Crwals = 134 Katris
268 Crwals = 100 Credits
100 Crwals = 134 Kerms
26.8 Crwals = 100 Xi

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