Cryolympics is the part of the Galympic Games that groups the individual and team sporting events that occur over snow or ice.  While most competitors are either Union Citizens or at least Proto Citizen, on occasion some societies from outside Union space are also included.

The First Cryolympics occurred in 2182 and with few exceptions has reoccurred every four years. On several occasions, for one reason or another, the planet originally scheduled to host a Cryolympics was changed at the last minute. Overall as of 5050, of the over 700 Cryolympics scheduled, only 2 were cancelled outright and another 10 relocated.

The sporting event now known as Cryolympics is based on the Pre Astro Terran competition called Winter Olympic Games, and many of the current events are based upon some that were a part of that competition[1]

  1. In many cases what had been a single event in the old Winter Olympics like in the other competitions that fall under the Galympic Games are now divided into various classes to permit a more balanced competition.
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