Member of the Five of the Brotherhood - Survivors of a previous Universe – Members of the Children of Sateer

The Five of the Brotherhood split up. Each with a different plan to achieve the reincarnation of the Dark One on their terms. 

The five are known as the Masters .

Cubus is the 4th member and his plan is to unite the tokens of power in himself and thus become the Dark One .

He takes control over the Crucible left behind by the Uni and reprograms it .The Y'All produced have the mission to prevent anyone finding the tokens. They do that by seeking to destroy sentient life. It interfered with their original programming when the Kermac used an old Uni device to call the Y'All.

It is believed that it was Cubus who attacked a Pree installation and causiing the Shell (Body) of the Dark One appear on Earth ( Dark Cloud )

He had the Y'All attack the Narth suspecting that they had posession of one of the tokens.( the shroud)

He was the entity sending a netherworld beast attacking the Oldest of the Coven to gain access to the Ring .

Richard Stahl defeated the Nether world beast and gained the undying love of Alycia and the Devastator

He managed to find the Left Boot – Tempus and the Right Boot – Rule Supreme unfortunatley for him at the same time Erica aka the awakening Dark One did.

The result of this meeting resulted in the demise of Cubus as he was introduced to Bereaver and a very angry god like entity with a Neo Viking temper ; dahing all hopes of the remainig Children of Sateer to ever escape their subspace pocket prison.


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