Cutie Sweets

Sub culture movement found on many Core and Major worlds of the Union with a significant human / humanoid population.

Cutie Sweets are primarily female and the roots of their culture go back all the way to Pre Astro Terra and in particular to Japan and Asian nations. 

Core of this culture is to be cute and adore anything cute. 

The society has strict rules as to what is cute and what is not. Cute Judges and Cuteness manuals stipulate and define these rather vague concepts. 

The society has competitions, contests, meetings and conferences all across the Union ( Cutie Cons) and there are several companies catering to their specific needs. 

The typical member is humanoid female and between 15 and 50 years of age. They spend considerable funds on Cute-wear and specific merchandise.

Cutie Sweets are rare on younger colonies and almost never found in the fringe regions. 

A few non human species have also members in this movement. Especially Holdians are considered naturals and become honorary members of local chapters.

There are official Cutie Sweets, with membership, club fees and very specific rules and expected behavior patterns and there are "Free" or "Independent" clubs and circles. 

Almost everyone into this life style however belongs to a club or association.

Within the Cutie-Sweet society there are several categories, such as the Kigs, Cosplays, Cute Critters, Neks etc.

Their lifestyle is not interfering with most Union Citizen service (22 month service ) but they rarely are found in any of the military branches. 

There are an estimated 34 billion Cutie-Sweets Union wide.

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