Dai  women are physically equal to Dai Males , but have a complete seperate role in their society. Men do not speak of females in public, and maintain harem like settings with several females. Females have virtually no rights in the society as a whole, but do virtually all the labor. Including maintnenace, engineering, manufacturing and child raising (for male children only till  they are able to walk).  Females must cover their faces at all times 9and their  bodies so or no skin is to be shown in public.) There have been some improvements in some tribes, especially in the Hi tribe . The last Tribe leader has even declared a favorite female.  The Union Dai have agreed to allow those females that want, to receive Union education and seek careers (but outside of the Tribe) There are legends of an all female Tribe that revolted, but no one knows details or speaks about it.
The Dai term is Daiyee. The term also describes female things, conditions, gay, transgender etc. 
A Daiyee may receive weapon training but once she has been chosen by a Dai Than , she loses the little rights she enjoyed and becomes the property of the Dai Than.
Dai can sell their wives and daughters.
(A practice that is forbidden under Union Laws)
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