The Master

(Dark Master)

(Spoiler: This is the background story of the Galactic Chronicles)

In the previous and very old Omni-Verse two entities, one representing Light, life and Chaos (For life is unpredictable and chaotic while death is order and very predictable) and the other Darkness, Death and Order locked in an eternal battle between those opposite sides. The Force for Light convinced that the RULE wrong and existence did not need darkness and death attacked the Entity that represented Darkness. The State of Darkness responded to this attack by creating a champion for its side, a being he plucked from a planet called Earth (a previous Multi Verse Earth) a human full of aggression and willingness to kill, a warrior and killer and bestowed it with truly godlike powers. Control over time itself, true immortality near omnipotent powers and the knowledge and wisdom of many Universes. This beings very existence tipped the balance and was breaking the RULE but it was made and could not be unmade, as this also the Rule.

The Force of Light and the Voice of the Rule joined forces to defeat the Champion of Darkness, they tried to unmake the being and failed but they managed to split the Dark Master into twelve pieces. Each piece took the shape of a physical piece of the Dark Master. (See: à the Twelve Tokens of Power) The pieces itself scattered throughout the Omniverse. The RULE intervened and punished the Voice of the Rule for taking sides and took awareness from the Entity called Force of Light so it would not gain the upper hand and the balance was restored. Then to hide all traces of this struggle the RULE disassembled the old Omni Verse and made a new one.

However the Dark Master foresaw his defeat and took precautions. He created a Nether sphere dimension separate from the Omni verse where he himself stored the 13th part, the ESSENCE.

The Essence became self aware and conscious and acted as an Agent for the Dark Master, but realized that with the return of the Master its own existence would be terminated.

In a young new Universe of this existence only about 4 billion years ago, a new planet formed and it created all conditions and the exact events down to the last swirling molecule it would need to bring forth a species of Humanoids exactly as the one the Dark master was taken fro; all signs and conditions showed it would bring forth a being that was identical in soul and body to the Dark Master.

Eventually on a cold planet settled by children of the Place a man was born with the Soul of the Master.

Once this man was able to gather all tokens of power, the Dark Master with all its power would be again.

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