Dawal Lizards

Exo Fauna: Non Sentient. Native to Alvor's Cove

gigantic, vicious, carnivorous reptiles that inhabit the mountainous regions of Alvor's Cove. They are the most ferocious creatures on Alvor.

Like most reptiles, Dawal Lizards are cold-blooded, and they shed their yellow-brown skin whenever they grow, usually in the cool month of Alvor. Like most lizards they continue to grow throughout their lifetime that can last between 120 -150 years. The Dawal have no natural enemies. (The local snake is dangerous to their young) . An adult Dawal Lizard can grow to be nearly 30 meters long, 10 meters high and weigh about 12,000 kilograms.

Desert Scavengers collect their eggs, their skins and even their droppings. If they can they take on a Dawal Lizard as their meat, their blood and bones bring good prices. The liver is a prized item selling for 5-10,000 Polos (or equivalent)

Trade Info:Edit

Dawal Lizards can legally be traded alive by anyone holding a Dangerous Lifeform Trade Permit. Dead Lizards whole or in parts are not restricted by federal laws. Local hygiene and import laws may exist.

Life Dawal can bring between 70-90,000 Credits on the XChange. Dawal Liver is valued between 5-6000 Credits. Dawal Skin per KIlo 50-100 Credits. Bones and blood are also traded.

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