Delta Trianguli A
Delta Trianguli (Delta Tri, δ Trianguli, δ Tri) is a spectroscopic binary star system approximately 35 light-years (11 pc) away from Terra in the constellation of Triangulum. The primary star is a yellow dwarf, while the secondary star is an orange dwarf. It has an apparent magnitude of +4.87 and forms an optical (line-of-sight) triple with Gamma Trianguli and 7 Trianguli.

Delta Trianguli A is a main sequence star with a stellar classification of G0V and a mass similar to Sol. The Delta Trianguli stars orbit their center of mass with a separation of 0.106 AU; the orbital period is 10.02 Terran days and the eccentricity of the orbit is only 0.020. The orbit is inclined about 167° to Terra's line of sight.

In 1946 OTT the first Vrill built Ark took the New Aryans to create a colony on Delta Trianguli A II (Neues Deutschland). In 2099 OTT, Neues Deutschland and Wallenstein agreed to accept United Earth law and stand by Terra to defend it against the Xunx. The New Aryans remained an independent, neutral two planet society loosely associated with both United Earth and the Vrill.

Along with the New Vrill, the New Aryans applied for United Earth Membership in 2145 OTT and later joined the Union in 2224 OTT.

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