Diamond Ball

aka Crystal Ball [1]

Social event

Social Event and tradition celebrated during Union Week. The Tradition begun as the Saresii decided to join the United Stars and in a symbolic gesture gave their government building as a present to Pluribus and the Assembly, the gesture was made to signal that the Saresii no longer needed a government but that they are full members of the Union. Even though the Saresii are now in their second Age of Knowledge and a mere shadow of their strength and might during the First Age of Knowledge they were still a very powerful and influential species and society. (Their Government building had been carved out of a giant Diamond that once was part of an even bigger piece of crystallized Carbon. The Diamond came from the heart of a Gas Giant planet that was part of the original Saresii Star System before the Saresii re-arranged their star system and removed all “useless” bodies. )

The Saresii Diamond Hall was placed on a pillar covered with platinum and iridium in an ocean of Pluribus and dignitaries of all Member species were invited to a high formal opening Ceremony. This ceremony was the first Diamond Ball and it was decided to repeat it annually during Union week to celebrate Unity. So every year the rulers and dignitaries of Union Member societies gather at the old Saresii government palace to eat, dance and talk. It has grown to a very old tradition that has become the most important social event of the Union. Smaller Diamond Balls are held and celebrated all over the Union. The Entrance of the Dignitaries is among the most watched events on GalNet.

[1] The Palace was called the Saresii Diamond Crystal. News Media have often used both titles, but the official title has always been : Annual Reception and Ball at the Saresii Diamond Palace

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