The Diobah are considered to be a very peaceful civilization with no ambitions of expansion, as they have not settled or ventured past their own planetary system. Their technology is considered to be Tech Level-6.

No Diobahn has ever wished to leave their star system and to travel. The main reason for these traits are thought to be explained by their physiology, The Diobah are closer related to plants than to animals and retrieve their nourishment by extracting their nutrition from minerals they absorb from water. They have no distinctive sexes and procreate by exchanging Gene Dust and dropping Egg-Seeds into the ground from which a new Diobah grows. They become mobile and sentient after growing on the same spot for sixty to eighty years. It is not known if there ever was a natural enemy but the Diobah either don’t know or do not share this information with others.

The average Diobahn grows to about 150 centimeters. They have a bonelike exoskeleton and a simple open system circulation system. They are very sensitive to temperature changes and do not tolerate temperatures above 40 degrees or below freezing.

They are friendly but do not like visitors and guests, and they do not export anything and do not buy or import anything.

Some call it luck, others a great misfortune, but the home system of the Diobah lies almost exactly in the center between the territories of the BIG FOUR. (Union, Shiss, Nul, Kermac) and it also is at the center of what is defined as Free Space.

This location made it an ideal neutral location for conferences, peace talks, negotiations and similar activities that require diplomats to meet face-to-face.

The Diobah are split in their opinion about this. While the majority feels that this makes their world and culture very important and these Diobah relish in being hosts. The minority however does not like all the attention and fears that this will cause the Diobah to perish.

The Diobah have no concept for murder, crime or violence not until the Outsiders came. Weapons were unknown before the Diobah became the focus of the Outsiders.

No one really likes the Diobah: The Kermac do not like them because they are immune to their Psionics. The Nul do not like them, because they are not afraid of the Nul. The Shiss do not like them, because Shiss do not like other civilizations and the Union doesn’t trust any civilization that does not know the concept of trade, money and is not interested in Union business.

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