Any issue brought before the Union Assembly to be discussed is called a Docket and receives a Number. That number normally remains the same unless there is a consensus to table that docket until a future date in view of pending new information.

Important Issues can receive an Emergency Docket Flag and be discussed first. The presentation of a delegation of a society which wishes to join the Union, and the declaration of war (or reaction to what was a defacto declaration of war) automatically receive the Emergency Docket Flag.  Any other issue requires there to be a request from 10% of the population either directly, through their representatives, or a combination of the two.

Speaking time is 4 minutes for standard items and 30 minutes for new members or war but can be extended by the Speaker.

Standard Docket items are usually discussed no longer than 30 minutes. Unless the item is escalated by request. A simple vote is called and all Reps present can vote.

If a Docket Item is escalated into a "Union Issue ", All Union Citizens listening or watching can vote as well. A Docket Issue can be escalated by anyone: Rep or Citizen. Also a Request can be made to put the Issue before all Citizens (Union Direct Vote .)