Not much personal data is known about Terra’s most famous genius. It is estimated he was born before 1984 (OTT) and long before the Ascent. Dr. Isah is the subject of countless books, legions of scholars and historians, yet clear definite information seems impossible to get.

Some scholars claim that he gained his tremendous Intellect by living in an atomic test area and he mutated and reached a level of intellect and comprehension unheard of.

Other scholars believe that he wasn’t human in the first place but a member of the mythical Vrill. Also, it is a fact that the Guardian made this man immortal and the Guardian had never picked any Non-Terrans.

There are debates about his first name or nationality as well. Richard Stahl who knew Dr. Isah personally claims the Last name was an anagram of the first name and that the old rabbit never really had a real name in human terms in the first place. What Stahl meant by this statement is not known and the immortal admiral has not talked about Isah since.

None of the other known and living Immortals claim to have known the scientist and genius on a personal level.

Dr. Isah was, however, without any question the most brilliant mind ever. His IQ was never actually measured but it is believed to be among the most brilliant minds and IQ scores of the known Universe.

He held numerous PhD's and academic titles in nearly every scientific and scholastic field. from Anatomy to zoology and Architecture to Theology.

When the Sarans gave Terra faster than light technology, it was Dr. Isah who completely redesigned the Saran technology and made so much faster, better and different that even the Sarans adopted the ISAH pods.

He further invented/ developed:

Trans-Dim shields, FTE-Projectors, Zero Field Stasis, Zero Point Energy Cubes, Black Light tunnels that enable the space train technology and set the ground work for the Transmatter tunnel technology. Perhaps his single most important invention was the Instantaneous Communication technology.

His lesser known inventions and developments were among other things :

  • Rama Bots,
  • Trans Dim Veil Puller
  • Trans Dim Energy tap
  • Singularity containment
  • life sensors,
  • Paralysator rays,
  • disintegrator mining,
  • hard light concrete forms and a carrot shaving machine.

Dr. Isah worked for Schwartz Industries and was the prime factor a small unknown company from Earth became the biggest Giga Corp in the known Universe.

Dr. Isah was assassinated by Kermac Agents shortly before the fourth Intergalactic War.(*)

This act is also known as the Final Straw Crime.

(*) Rumors persist that his brain is now part of a bio-computronic on the moon Luna.

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