Dr. John Smith

A young Pan Saran officer was ordered to survey the Sol System and confirm Freon activity when his three man surveillance craft was shot down by the Aryans. He was the only survivor and after being captured by the Aryans managed to escape and find refuge in the US. He assisted in the development of the Nulcear bomb for the US and the subsequent destruction of a secret Vrill / Aryan base underneath the Himalayas.

He marries an Earth woman and decides to stay on Earth even when he has the chance to leave anf go back to Pan Saran.

He becomes the director of AXIOM and leads this secret organization until the Sarans land on Earth and the reason for AXIOM being a secret organization becomes null and void.

John Smith dies in 2219 just before the formation of the United Stars at the advanced age of exactly 300 years. Dr. Smith is remembered as one of Earths great heroes and a large natural park on Earth is named after him.

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