Drift clubs
Drift clubs‏‎ 

Unregistered  semi legal associations of Non Cits that belong to the Gal Drift culture.

Semi legal means, it is generally not ollegal to form a club or association of any kind be it by Citizens,  or Union Residents and no registtration laws exist (on Union Level).

However technically the  Union Citizen right for free an unregulated assembly is not extended to Non Cits (Since   Assembly Resolution 01-01 3412 )

But as long as the Club or association is not promoting crimes or unlawful behavior , no actions are taken.

However criminal gangs, syndicates of criminal nature are placed on the Union Police list. (For example the Children of the Universe , Necros , Defenders of Gore )

Many drift clubs are too small to be of real concern to the Union Police , and some are even registered asociations (Associations, Clubs and religions can register (not required) 

However some Drift Clubs are known to engage in criminal activities such as the Bad News .

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