Earthquake of 2102

Scientists had been expecting this major earthquake for a long time but because no Tremors were detected prior, some geologists found the quake unusual when it did occurred.[1]

October 2102 a tremendous Earthquake shook the West Coast of the former United States. From Baha to  Anchorage enormous damage to towns and communities. The epicenter only 12 miles north of Catalina with a strength of 10.3 on the Richter scale is the most powerful earthquake in recorded history. The following  Tsunami rolled over much of Los Angeles, San Diego and destroyed most  of Seattle.. It created the Lake of LA where water rose all around the Los Angeles mountains. Two after-quakes add to the destruction. The death toll reached 2.5 Million victims. With almost 20million being without shelter.

[1] The quake was due sooner or later, but it was triggered by an old Wurgus device on purpose by Freon Agents.

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