The Ebony Elfin
  • Union Species – Humanoid NiOx Breathers  (Saresii)
  • Origin – Saresii Colony lost prior to the Celtest-Dark Ones War.
  • Tech level at discovery TL 6.
  • Expansion 1 Planet
  • Civics: No government exists. Civic functions are performed entirely by volunteers. Union Law
  • Estimated Union Citizens of EE origin: 1,2 Billion

aka: Eeeeuuaxxutuu Eeempra Eeentriekat, Ee

Union Member # 3861


As a consequence of their defeat to the Dark Ones, the Saresii lost contact with all of their colonies.  After finally resuming space exploration, some incomplete records were found with the location of a number of colonies.  All expeditions sent out in an attempt to locate these colonies failed, in most cases the expeditions returned without finding any trace that the former colony even existed.  In some cases, the expeditions found a bunch of asteroids where there supposedly had been a thriving colony.   Later, as the United Earth and its successor United Stars of the Galaxy (later Galaxies) expanded, three civilizations were discovered that had grown and developed out of former Saresii Colonies.

Among them are the “Eeeeuuaxxutuu Eeempra Eeentriekat”. The Ee sing. They sing all their conversations with intricate musical compositions both made up on the spot during a conversation and using old melodies. Words and phrases are elongated, shortened or phonetically changed to fit a melody and a songs rhythm.

The name they had given themselves was to long, impractical and the Captain of the Union Vessel, making first contact, at first refused to sing and after he did anyway he was asked by the Ee to stop and never sing again[1].  A Terran Officer aboard the USS Berkshire called them “Ebony Elfin”.

They liked the mystical and sound quality of that new name very much and adopted it as the name for their culture. Most Union Members simply call them Ee. Their sphere of influence was only over their own solar system and it took many decades before an Archaeologist found old Saresii artifacts on the Ebony Elfinn Home world ( Globe of Eee) and detailed DNA comparison tests confirmed, the Ee were of Saresii origin. The Ee are very artistic and peaceful, with a culture centering on esoteric sciences. Increasingly young Ee's leave to travel the Union, take careers elsewhere and even join the Armed Forces.


  1. The Captain Nokarioki "Tone Deaf" Smith admitted he knew he couldn't sing and in fact had on one occasion been paid to stop in his debriefing on this encounter.  Some members of an amateur choir on board the USS Berkshire replaced the captain in later negotiations.
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